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Monday, June 06, 2005

Yep, the time has come...

Yes, that is right. I have finally decided that I cannot stand it anymore, I must start a blog and tell everyone all the boring details of my life. I do have to admit, I am very addicted to other people's blogs. I usually read at least 3 religously. So I guess this is where I must plug my husband's blog...http://ozenberger_racing.tripod.com/myblog/

His blog entries used to be really good, but he has gotten a bit boring lately. (Sorry, honey.)

I guess right now the most interesting thing in my life is the fact that I am expecting our first child. Jason and I will have a boy in August. While it is very exciting, it also produces a lot of anxiety too! You should hear about some of the dreams I have!!! The worst part is we still have A LOT to do before the baby gets here (namely the room). You see...this bothers me a lot, but not Jason. He knows it will get done, so he doesn't stress about it. This leads me to my next point, our main bathroom. We started remodeling it in January - yep, still not finished. So basically I have to waddle up the stairs, 7 months pregnant, to the upstairs bathroom. I know, I know, complain, complain, but seriously, try this at 3 in the morning!!

Enough complaining! I promise this will not all be complaining, even though I read a lot of good blogs like that! ;-)


At 6:09 PM, Blogger Prozenberger said...

Waddle? Do you mean Wadell, like Jason Wadell? You know, if your husband was not such a slacker, maybe that bathroom would be done and you would not have to hoof it up the stairs to use the toilet. By the way, your husband's blog is sooooo cool. I love the skulls in the background, do you think you could do something like that with your site?


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