Why am I doing this?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fighting every urge...

To go back to bed!! I am up and trying to stay up this morning. I am going back to work in a week and decided I better try to get use to not going back to bed. Brodie got up at 1:30 to eat and then again at 5:00 am. I went back to bed and laid down for 20 minutes and then got up. I won't be able to do that b/c I will have to get myself ready for work. Wish us luck! I might have to shine the caffeine recommendations for nursing moms when I go back to work to make it through the day!! Shh, don't tell! I am sure I will give my kid ADHD or something! Oh well, I can deal with that later.

Our friends Dusty and Kelci had their baby yesterday morning. Kamryn Ann is a healthy little girl and ready to go!! Congratulations!


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