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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Being normal in an abnormal world...

I used to think that I was the one that was abnormal, but I have now come to the conclusion that I am normal in a world full of abnormals (or idiots as I affectionately call them). This is very hard to explain, so you might just consider it bs. As a good man once said, I am starting to "run off at the head".

I also have found the nicer you are to people, the more you ultimately get treated badly. Not bragging, but I think I am one of the nicest people you will ever met - so lay off people!!!!!!!

Side note: Last night I had a dream that the baby was born on August 7th and my best friend delivered it.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and now I have to see her ever two weeks. She said everything appeared ok - I swear I am her easiest patient (easy money). So far, I have been lucky and everything has gone smoothly. He is moving around so much - it is crazy. I smile every time I feel him. Thank heavens there are things in this world that keep your mind off of mean, stupid people!! They are so not worth the second thoughts I give them. (Jut for the record, I am not speaking of my husband. He is golden right now, minus the bathroom not being done. Honey, I am going to see if I can squeeze that in every time I write.)


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