Why am I doing this?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Ever since I can remember, I love watching fireworks and parades. We went to a BBQ last night hoping Dillon would push back his bed time...no dice. Actually, he pushed it back about a hour. No good for watching fireworks. So, my husband being the wonderful man he is, told me to go with Curt and Krista to watch the fireworks on campus. They were cool! I figure next year Dillon will be ready for fireworks!

On another note, I was up for a hour last night thinking someone was breaking into our house...it was our air conditioner! I swear! I need to stop watching movies...Jason. He made me watch Hostel the other night. I was pretty stupid! The story could have been real good. I am glad we only spent 99 cents on it!


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