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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Titles are hard to make up...

They are...but I also know that is the eye-catcher. I guess I would fail miserably in marketing.

Unlike other blogs I read, I plan to update mine on a regular basis. ;-)

Our friends Curt and Krista are getting married this weekend. Jason is a groomsmen and I think I am manning the guest book. So, we get to take off Friday to head to Rolla for rehearsal. This should be a fun weekend, but another one that the bathroom doesn't get done (Yep, there it is...the bathroom reference). I wish them the best. Being married is one of the best things a person can do, in my opinion. This August, Jason and I will celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary. Yes, we were married when we were 15!!! Just kidding! This year also marks Jason's milestone, 30th birthday. A lot is happening in 2005!! We have another set of good friends getting married this August too. Jonathan and Leslie are tying the knot. Of course, I wish them well too!

I had originally planned to write this entire entry on my love of the color green, but obviously that went south right from the start. (Besides, Jason looked at me like I was dumb when I told him the idea. Of course, I am used to that look. Especially this entire time I have been pregnant. I think your brain slowly runs out your ears when you are pregnant.)I will have to get into that later.

One final note and I will be done...I swear!! I want to thank a friend for sticking up for me to one of those mean people I discussed yesterday. T.J., that was way cool and I really appreciate it!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Prozenberger said...

How can you be "man"ing the guestbook at the wedding if you are pregnant? Wouldn't that be "woman"ing the book? Green is a good color. It is the color of $. My legs are shaking.


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