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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Maybe, just maybe, I should learn to post more frequently so I would not have so much to say. Yeah right, I always have too much to say. So let's back up to last week. We took Dillon to an eye specialist at the University of Missouri because we had an earlier test that indicated he may have some eye problems. Dillon now has to wear glasses and an eye patch for three hours a day. This is a HUGE challenge since he is 22 months old. We are slowly working on this.

We all traveled to Iowa for the holiday weekend. Friday afternoon, Jason and I left Dillon with my mom and went for a bike ride. That was SO nice. I enjoy riding! Saturday we went to Falls City, Nebraska to camp with some old friends. Once again, Dillon stayed with grandma. It was nice to get to hang out with old friends and catch up. Sunday we went back to mom's, picked up Dillon and headed to Joe Town. Monday, we packed up and came home. We unpacked, played outside a bit and went to Metzdorf's for dinner. It is so nice to get home from a long weekend and get invited to a friends house for dinner!!

Yesterday, Dillon started a new day care. It is in Ashland and close to Jason's work. He did well and participated great! It is a couple weeks of new things for the Ozenberger's, so say a prayer for us!!


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