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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Driving to Jefferson City...

This might be a little too much complaining for some of you, so if you are not into that I recommend you stop reading right now.

I hate people that drive down highway 63 to/from Jefferson City. Why, you may ask? THEY ARE STUPID AND CANNOT DRIVE TO SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!! I swear they are either talking on their phones (b/c heaven forbid, they would drive 35 minutes w/o talking to someone), or they are zoning out drinking their coffee. I drink coffee on my drive people, it is not too hard. Also, please keep a constant speed and don't box me in so I can't pass. This is not bike racing! Ahh, everything comes back to bike racing.

I say that a lot. Many people I know, (mostly cyclists), can take a conversation about anything back to bike racing. It is an art form. The sad part about it is I can do it too. It is hard to explain, but those of you that know this, know it well.

One final thought...
It is interesting the things people say to you when you are pregnant (I will post more in time). I would love to write a book about it. I think the most annoying thing to me is the fact that people constantly remind me to be careful because I am not just me anymore, I have a little person in me depending on me to stay safe. Yep, thanks for that update! Like I do not worry about that enough when I am living everyday - especially when people try to run their cars into me. I know they mean well, but trust me, keeping this baby safe is my top priority and I really don't need to hear about it on an hourly basis. A little care, concern, and extra help goes a long way. You really want to do me a favor, give me a chair when I am waiting or a closer parking spot. Does that ever happen, NO! It really doesn't bother me too bad because I am healthy and in shape (somewhat), but some days, it would be nice.

Enough complaining for one day. All of this will be released during my pedicure tonight!!!!! :-)


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