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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Here's what you were waiting for!

I know you were all hanging on the edge of your seats...yes, the two people who read this blog. One of those two already knows how Dillon did at daycare. He did ok. He napped - which is a miracle. She said he was a little fussy, but not bad. He cried when I got there and cried when he left. He cried when I left him this morning. I am trying to think, before too long he'll be running out of the car and not need me to walk him to the door! :-(

So there is something that puzzles me. People who read while they are driving on the highway. Actually, it does more than puzzle me, it makes me VERY ANGRY! DO NOT read and drive at the same time. How incredibly stupid do you have to be?!?! Not to mention it is VERY dangerous!!! (Ok, I used enough caps, this post is over before I keep going on and on.)


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