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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Been away for a while, but still the first to update...

I figured someone should update their blog...

Friday, Jason and I headed down to Rolla to begin the Kippenberger wedding festivities. Friday night was rehearsal which went smooth and then back to Curt's parents for the dinner. It was very nice. After many left, I went to bed and left the boys up and from what I hear, they had a GOOD TIME!

Saturday, I drove back to Jefferson City for a wedding shower for Leslie. It was a very nice party and I had a lot of fun (minus the drive to get there - rain and a two lane road). Jason went to help set up at the reception site and did other things to get ready for the wedding. I got back to Rolla about the time the boys were leaving for the church. I must say, those boys were a good-lookin' bunch!! I finished getting ready and of course, it began to pour rain. I finally made it to the church to start my duties as book keeper. The wedding was beautiful!! Sarah M and I cried our eyes out! (I never cried at weddings before I got pregnant.) Now, off to the reception... Fun times getting to see everyone. I especially enjoyed meeting Matty R's girlfriend, Natalie. So it got to be almost midnight, Jason and I got the hair-brained idea to go a head and drive home. We finally arrived home about 2 am. Way to late for the both of us!!

Needless to say, Sunday was a LAZY day. Exciting news though...we put in a pool!! Just kidding, we bought a kiddy, blowup pool so I could sun my fat body in some cool water. (Yes, picture a beached-whale. I will check with Butthead, maybe I should invite Fish over to sun with me.) Anyway, now Jason and I make all kinds of jokes about our pool. We are even thinking of having a pool party!! ;-)

Pregnancy update: The past 3 or 4 days, I have felt like crap!! I constantly feel sick to my stomach!! I have about 9 weeks left and yes, nothing is ready (including the bathroom). I am really starting to freak out about that - hmmm, can you say stomach problems?!?! Maybe that is it?

FINALLY...BIRTHDAY UPDATE!!! 9 days till my birthday! (The other day Jason told me that I was obsessed with my birthday. I kind of am, but it is just because everyone forgets it and we never really celebrate. So it is my sad attempt to make people notice me. Analyze that one.


At 7:47 AM, Blogger Prozenberger said...

You keep saying "boys", but I am all man, lady. Nice pool, BTW.


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