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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holiday Daze

Yes, I am still in the holiday daze! Time goes by way too fast we you are off work. We stayed around the homestead for Thanksgiving. We went a few blocks to Curt and Krista's and had a wonderful dinner. Dillon managed to fill his pants at the dinner table - he gets that from his father.

Friday night Jon and Leslie came over. It was nice visiting with them. We got caught up on each others lives.

Saturday we drove to Iowa, Dillon did not sleep that night, drove home Sunday in a hail storm - basically drove too far for a 24 hour visit. Oh well, holidays!! He is back to sleeping good again.

He goes for his 4 month check-up Friday afternoon. You know what that means, more shots! Yuck!

The countdown continues -- 2 classes left.


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