Why am I doing this?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ok, here goes:

I have kept my mouth shut about this issue till now. Actually, I did discuss with one co-worker. I was listening to Man Cow this morning and he was talking about the raid on the compound in Texas. Let start by saying, Man Cow has some views that I do not agree with. In fact, I am usually 100% with him or 100% against him on any given issue. I hardly ever ride the fence on the issues he brings up.

I think that the raid on the compound in Texas is total crap. Stop now - I am not saying that children, especially young girls, should be abused by older men - leave that point out of it right now. I am speaking more the aspect of the fact the govt decided they were doing something wrong and stormed in and took babies and young children away from their mothers. I would die if someone took my child away from me just because they did not agree with the way I lived, especially with my religious views. I thought this was America? I can also say that I never would have thought about it this way until I had a child.

Man Cow was talking about how they go after groups like this, yet they leave other - more radical religious groups alone. For example - Louis Farrakan and his church. Is the govt just more scared of groups like this because they are not peaceful? (I know, I answered my own question.)

Maybe I am way off base on my views, but guess what - they are my views. I am really growing tired of this attitude of it is ok for some, but others when it comes to religious freedom and other hot topics like this. Who am I to say that a way a person lives and practices religion is not right? Not my job. If I think it is wrong, I don't practice it or raise my child that way! If I am really against what the way they live, I do not associate with them.

Ok, enough anger for today - IT IS FRIDAY!!!


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