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Monday, April 20, 2009

Time just seems to fly by. We had Parents as Teachers tonight. I LOVE my parent educator. She is awesome. I think the thing I like the best is she makes me feel not crazy and it is ok when I fail as a parent...just remember the lesson for next time and move on. It is a little like therapy for me!!

Anyway, our next appointment is two days before Brodie's 1st birthday. My little baby boy will be one in less than two months!! I am not sure where time has went. The second kids are born you always look forward to the next event/milestone. Those first few months are SOOO hard you wish your way right through them. Then all the sudden you look back and say, "Slow down...stop growing up so fast!"

Brodie is crawling, pulling up and walking around things. He is eating some real table food. He is drinking whole milk and formula during the day (I still nurse him first thing in the morning and before bed).

My boys are joy. (Even now that Dillon is throwing MAJOR tantrums.) They are super difficult, but the loves of my life...Dad included!! I love you all!


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Prozenberger said...

We love you too! Thanks for being a great mom and wife!!!


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