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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If it is not one thing...

It is ten others. I was sick over the weekend. Went to the doctor Monday and she thought it was the flu. I did not have a test, because there was no point by that time. There was nothing they could give me. Now I have this sweet, lingering, dry cough.

Got a call from school this morning and Brodie had a good fever...about 102, actually a little over. Decided it was his ears. I noticed he was pulling them. He had a nasty cough too, but that has come and gone since the RSV in January. Long story, short...no ear infection...it is pneumonia. Fabulous!! The best part was this. No, that is not Brodie, but that is the exact contraption they put him in to get a chest x-ray. I had to hold back the tears. He is on two medicines and his fever has not broke yet. Please pray for his recovery!


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