Why am I doing this?

Monday, October 05, 2009

I cannot sleep. Usually, I have no issues with sleep, but tonight/this morning is another story. I have been up for at least a few hours tossing and turning so I caved and just got up. I really want to get my workout over, but it is too dark to go outside and run alone and my Treadclimber is above Brodie's room. I am sure Jason would enjoy me waking Brodie up at 4:30 am!! So I will wait and then be too tired to do it after my LONG day at work. Yep, forgot to mention that huh? I have to work a long day which includes a focus group that I have to help facilitate. Joy! I see caffeine my future...lots of it.

This reminds me of my pregnancy days. I had terrible insomnia towards the end of my pregnancies. Most of it was from not being able to get comfortable. I am a back sleeper and you cannot do that so well when you are pregnant.

Maybe, just maybe I can catch up later in the week. Right. Time to start packing up the house!


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