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Thursday, July 07, 2005

So many titles to decide on

I could dream up titles for my blogs all day. I am always thinking of new ones, but there is only one title line. Oh, well.

Hey, other people in my life with blogs...UPDATE them PLEASE!!!! I hate checking them everyday and then being let down when I see they are two weeks old. I will not even mention Micah--can you say two months??!! :-)

Last night I started class. I have Multicultural Counseling in July. It actually went well and I think I am going to enjoy the class. Mostly because Sarah sits behind me and kicks my in the rear!! (She has a reason-trust me!)

We did some more painting on the baby's room. We are getting closer and closer to having it done. Good thing. There are only 6 weeks left until my due date - not that it means anything. He has been moving around like crazy and last night when I went to bed, he had the hiccups. It was funny. Tonight, Jason and I are attending a class at the hospital. I will spare you all the details. Fun, fun!!

Hey, how about that, I kept the complaining to a minimum.
Thankful thought: People that help me when I need it.


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