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Thursday, June 23, 2005

You say it's your birthday....

it's my birthday too-yeah!! Finally, the big day has arrived. The only problem is everyone keeps thinking I am 30 this year (Karen)!! I am only 29. Give me another year to come to grips with the fate of the big 3-O!! Anyway, I hope to enjoy this day 100%!! I am going to have a pedicure this afternoon - heaven!! Thanks to Leslie for inviting me. I think we are going to eat at the new Brew Pub in town tonight. I heard it was good. The past few years I have had to go to school on my birthday. Not this year.

Last night Jennifer and Eric came over for dinner. Eric took Jason to Lowe's because we needed his truck to haul some stuff back home. I appreciate him doing this for us - since we have no way to haul big items. I guess I could make Jason carrying it home from Lowe's, or better yet, we could put it on the roof of the KIA and drive home holding on to the stuff...that would be hot!!

I feel sorry for animals. (If you know me at all, I am a BIG softie when it comes to animals.) They don't know better 99% of the time. I saw a turtle trying to cross 63 this morning. I sure hope he made. Poor little fella, weren't no bigger than a squirrel.

I do believe the baby is starting to move down. I would give reasons, but that would be too much information for a blog entry. Stop me and ask me if you want to know - for those of you that have had children, you know what I am talking about.

Breakfast time!!! Have a good day! :-)


At 9:09 AM, Blogger bonnie said...

Happy Birthday!! You deserve to enjoy every second of it. I love your blog...it keeps me in touch with whats going on with you even though we haven't talked for a while. I love hearing about your baby boy. I hate that I missed your shower here in KC. I'll be down in Columbia around the 12/13/14 of August, my brother is moving down there and going to law school!! Maybe we can get back in contact!


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