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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cross Walks

People, use the cross walks! That is what they are there for. Don't try to cross in the middle of the street and then look at me all snotty when I do not stop for you. I stop for people in cross walks - that is the law. I use cross walks!!

One week until my birthday!! I will be a whopping 29! Yes, one more year until the big 3-0!!

I took Jason to work this morning. He took his bike and he is riding home. I enjoy having him ride to work with me in the mornings. It is nice to have that extra time with him.

I am going to attempt to do some more painting on the bathroom this evening. I am guessing that is the only thing that will get done on it this week. I start summer school in two weeks, so hopefully it will be done by then.

If you see Jason, call him Petey.


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