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Monday, July 24, 2006

Speeding up again

Just when I think life is slowing down, here it comes! Too much to do this week! Why you ask? This is Dillon's birthday week! I can't believe he will be one. I am out of town a day and a half this week and I have to prepare for the party and company.

We made enough at the garage sale to buy another carseat - that was our goal. I managed to not spend any time with Jason this weekend, but he saw Curt a lot. I guess that is ok since they decided they needed to move to STL. Why be a Doctor when you can work at Walt's? I haven't quite got it through to my friends that they are to consult me before decisions like this are made!! After all, it is all about me!

Got to have a drink with Jane this weekend, ok two. I miss that...my body does not.

Other than that, Congratulations to Kara Butthead for finishing her Master's. Josh, make sure you call her Master now.


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