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Monday, August 07, 2006

Debbie Downer

Ok, here I go again. When did we stop being human? Especially to one another? Jason almost got into a fight with a lady at a garage sale about smoking! I had to call and complain about my trash pick-up. I will not go through the effort to recycle if it is going to be thrown in the trash truck. (Not to mention someone pulled into my driveway at 9 pm last night and sat there - they were loading up my plastic recycling. Now, I could care less, if they need it that bad, go for it. BUT, do not sit in my drive for 5 minutes with your noisy truck trying to wake up Dillon.) Let me see, what else. Don't talk to my husband and child and not acknowledge me. Better yet, do not wait for me to pay for coffee and then come over and hit on my husband and son. I guess stupid little girls at Starbucks don't realize that to some men, their wives are more than a hobby. Of course grown women do not know this either. I hate going to mountain bike races. People are snobby. Road racers are way cooler! No offense.

That about covers it. Krista threw my son in the pool last night! Just kidding...he went in on his own. Here she comes bringing a naked baby into the house! It was priceless!! She thought I would be mad...how could I be...it was too cute!! Besides, a little wet outfit never hurt anyone!


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