Why am I doing this?

Monday, July 18, 2005

How much can one person do in a weekend?

I tested this statement over the weekend. Needless to say, last night I hit the wall. I am either a hoss or very stupid. I will probably side with the latter of the two.

Friday afternoon after work, Jason and I went and bought more paint and the baby furniture. That took FOR EVER!! We could not get the changing table because they were out of stock. They should have one in next week. Jason finished the painting, while I cooked dinner. After that, we started putting furniture together. The crib was easy and took literally 15 minutes, the dresser was the complete opposite! I bet Jason and I (mostly Jason) spent almost two hours on it.

Saturday we held a couples shower for Jonathan and Leslie. Of course, we waited until Saturday to clean up the backyard. Jason got up early and rode while I hit some garage sales. After that we cleaned up the backyard and got some lunch. That afternoon, I cleaned up the house a bit and put the baby's room together more. I took a quick nap and showered. Everyone showed up around six, we ate, socialized, and had a good time!! I think Jon and Leslie had a good time, and that was my main objective!

Sunday, Jason took off early for State Time Trial in Jefferson City. He placed first in the Mater's 30-35 field. I am very proud of him. People are making a lot of jokes, but it is an awesome victory! The best part is if he would have raced the Pro, 1, 2 field, he would have ended up 4th. That is a good finish no matter what! Good job Honey!!!

I slept a bit, hung curtains, re-rearranged the baby's room and cleaned. After lunch, I went to Jon and Leslie's to have some pool time. That was nice! Came home, went to the grocery store, showered, and went to Curt and Krista's for Bruce's going-away party. We lasted till 8:30 and came home and crashed. I mean that! I fell asleep upstairs in the spare bedroom!!! Jason tried to get my up, but I stayed up there till about 11. I felt icky - too much junk food!! I felt better after sleeping a bit and feel fine this morning - still a little tired.

Back to the Dr. this afternoon and school tonight. Only 4 more classes!!


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