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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Skinning your knee and elbow!!

Yes, that is correct, I have skinned my knee and elbow. How you may ask? Grace, as I like to call myself lately, fell leaving class last night. Yes, yes, fell up the stairs. Of course they were concrete and outside, so I skinned myself. Yes, I am ok - no need to worry at all. I was just a little humiliated. No one saw me that I know of. I probably looked like a fish flopping out of water trying to get up though. Go ahead and laugh now that you know I am ok.

Do you ever feel like your skin is going to rip? I cannot possibly expand anymore. I am at maximum density. (I am worried Captain, she is taking on too much water!)

WHAT? Seriously!! :-)

Is it Friday yet? Laughing is good. I am going to try and laugh as much as possible today, so if you are grumpy - stay away!!!

Hopefully I got the picture of Jason to load on this entry. If I did, I will try and upload more pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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