Why am I doing this?

Monday, July 11, 2005

I hate Mondays!

Why do Mondays suck? Back to work...We really need Monday off to recover from the weekend. Other countries have shorter work weeks, why not the US? Are we too driven by material objects and working to be the best - YES!! Don't get me wrong, my job is important and I take it very serious, I feel it is the corporate folks that wreck our happiness - those that make over $100K a year and still feel that is not enough. Try living on what most of us live on!! OK, too much for Monday morning. I will move on.

Jason raced in STL this weekend. He did well. I know he is struggling right now with riding. I really don't think he is enjoying it like he used to. I am hoping he can get that back soon. Maybe when we get stuff done around the house, he will be good to go again. Next weekend we get to stay at home. State Time Trail is in Jefferson City. It is an out and back, so I will not go. I hope to be putting together baby furniture!!!

Our friends from St. Joe had a baby boy yesterday! Liz and Adrian had boy number 2. Congratulations to them!!

Have a good Monday!


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