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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Living with rheumatoid arthritis

Some of you may not know this, but I have rheumatoid arthritis. I found out right before I got pregnant with Dillon. Around the last week of September I broke out in a rash and the hives. I MEAN LET ME TELL YOU - I HAD THEM ALL OVER AND THEY WERE BAD. Jason ended up having to take me to the ER. They had to give me medicine through an IV and give me steroids. I saw my rheumatologist the next day. Guess what...it was the rheumatoid arthritis coming back out again (It goes into remission when a women is pregnant). So I am now on drugs for my RA. They should slow down my joints wasting away. It sucks to be under 30 and have a RA.

Lessons I have learned in life:
If it is not 1 thing, it is 10, 000 other things.
Not all people that use trailers hook up their break lights.

I ran again the other day. I almost made it a full two miles! Sad to think I used to be able to run long distances and now I cannot make it two miles! I know I will get back there, but it takes time.

Dillon is just growing and growing. It is amazing. Last night he almost made it through the night sleeping. He will be 10 weeks old Saturday. My, how time gets away!!


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