Why am I doing this?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Why hasn't Jason killed me?

That is the question. Seriously, he obviously loves me A LOT, because I deserve to be killed. He is getting the raw end of my emotional roller coaster. I think he is just telling himself, ok - only a few more weeks. Thanks baby! I do love you!! Same goes for my friends too! I am sure they are about ready to have nothing to do with me as all I do is complain. Yes, the world revolves around me right now.

Friday night we had dinner with Curt, Krista, and TJ at Flat Branch. Always a good pick, especially now that the place is smoke-free. It was very hot in there Friday. Speaking of hot, our poor air conditioner...it cannot keep up in the afternoon. It runs all the time and it is still hot in our house. I had a meltdown Friday night because of that. I was tired, achy, and HOT! I cried a lot. Again, Jason just sat there with me and tried not to get his head bitten off.

Saturday was our child birthing class. It was good. We learned a few things. One thing I learned was not to practice relaxation breathing with Jason and make him your focal point. We were the only ones there laughing our butts off!!! Oh well! Gotta have fun too!

Saturday night we ate at home and swam at Curts.

Sunday morning Jason did a Duathalon. I walked and went down to see the finish. He came in first on the bike and had a great time, but lost it on the run. He placed third overall and first in his age division. I thought he did GREAT!! Good job J!!

After that, we ventured up to Faucett (by St. Joe) for a baby shower. Elisha and her mom hosted it for us. It was wonderful! They were so great for doing that for us. We got home last night and chilled in our hot house.

Back to work today. Just in case you are not living on this planet, it is so hot outside. I can't even stand to go out for a minute. I am swollen too!!

2 more classes!!! Tonight and Wednesday night!! Yeah!!


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