Why am I doing this?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back to school:

Yes, I had to go back to school. One more class till I am done with my Master's. It is a practicum though, so it will be rough.

Jason had to have his shoulder pinned last Wednesday. He is in an immobilizer. It sucks! He hates it and is in a lot of pain and he is not a lot of help with Dillon.

Dillon - ahhh, what a little fellow! He is the apple of my eye (even though he can be a pickle - he gets that from Jason). He is getting bigger. I take him for his two month check-up in a week and a half. I can not believe it! He will be starting college soon! ;-)

Once again, I will post more pictures soon!

I had a wonderful shower here in Columbia Saturday. I have a great bunch of friends! Thanks a lot! You all are the best!


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