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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day!

Kind of anyway. I stayed home cause I did not want to try to go in to work and drive with two small children. I did some work here at home - ah, the joys of having that technology!!

Anyway, it was FREEZING in the house all day. I was baffled. I tacked a blanket up over the door, put tape on the front window where I thought I felt a breeze. Nothing seemed to help. I tried to light a fire in the fireplace and I suck, so it did not take. Freezing all the way! Jason got home and started his investigation. Well, come to find out the window behind our tv was cracked open at the top. HELLO, negative wind chills!! No wonder I was freezing. I swear - could I be any more dumb!!?? (Don't answer that question!)

Highlight of the day - telling Dillon he was not going to school and he announced, "Yeah Mommy! Now we can watch PBS kids all night!"
Bummer of the day - I had to cancel my hair appointment and now I cannot get in till after Christmas! Stupid weather! I need a color and a cut BAD!!! So bad that I would for go the color and just take a cut! Also, I got up at 4:30 am and rode the trainer, showered and then found out it was too bad to drive in. Can you say should of stayed in bed?!


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