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Friday, December 05, 2008

You are getting sleeping...

I got hypnotized on Tuesday night. We had a conference at work and entertainment for Tuesday night was a hypnotist from the Lake. I decided to volunteer thinking it would be fun. At first, it was not working. I was not letting my mind go. Finally, I gave in and let go. I hear I was the star of the show. The funny thing is, I remember bits and pieces, but not all of it. It was, in my opinion, close to an out of body experience. Hypnotism is not for those that cannot let someone else be in control of their mind for a few minutes. It was hard for me, but I finally gave it and did it. There are a few funny things I did, like every time I left the room we were in I had to switch my shoes to the different foot and when I came back in the room, vice versa. I knew he told us this command, and it seemed silly - I just had the overwhelming urge to do it. Weird. I am now really interested in hypnosis and the power of the mind! I can tell more stories about it, but I am now tired of typing. Happy Friday!!


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