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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sleepless nights

I know, you may be sick of hearing about this - too bad. So, in my dream world I would get a bed free of animals and a son that does not get out of bed 4 times a night. (That does not include the time he gets out when we are still up. That usually numbers in the teens.) I have what I like to call cat bookends when I sleep. Bailey love to sleep on my pillow. The funny thing is, she waits till I fall asleep, then she crawls up there. I literally had a small corner of my pillow to myself this morning. So that is one bookend. Then, Oscar lays at my feet, usually between my feet. Kitty bookends.

So our house is for sale. If you know someone interested, contact me. The people in Ashland accepted out contract, so all we have to do now is sell our house. Not real easy right now...


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