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Friday, August 17, 2007

Holy Cow!

I am been so busy after getting back from our trip - I cannot find time to do anything. Jason got sick this week, so within the period of three weeks, the entire family has been sick.

Work is busy. My program received a few new grants and I have no help as of now. I know, it is great that we have more money and program opportunities, but wow, I need some help! I am busy at Stephens trying to help out the counseling center. So pretty much, my husband hates me and that will not get any better till the end of September.

My child is a dream! He is growing up so much each day. He is talk pretty clearly and is so fun!! If I could acquire another one this age, I would have another kid!

Next weekend is Jason's birthday. I am thinking of having a BBQ on Saturday the 25th. If you want to come, contact me (aozenberger@gmail.com). I know that sounds funny, but I am so busy, I may not get to everyone I need to before then.

Hey, TODAY IS FRIDAY!!!! Enjoy!


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