Why am I doing this?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I got some sleep last night. I propped myself up in bed to sleep. It was still a little rough sleeping that way, but better than nothing. I also took some Allegra today and feel better.

It is funny how you can tell when other parents hate you. We went out to eat last night and Dillon was being a major pain. So Jason and I, being the good parents that we are (yes, that is sarcasm) let Dillon run around by the video games. Well, like his father, this excites him, so he was being loud. A mother whose child was sitting ever so nicely, kept eyeing me like - if my kids starts acting up it is sooo your kids fault. I could see her well-behaved little one eyeing Dillon and getting antsy. Sorry lady! I was way to tired to deal with it. I suck - what can I say?!

I am going to start a movement to severely injure people that drive slow in the left lane, or do not let you on to the highway when there is no one in the other lane. For heavens sake people, have some courtesy please!!

In other news, I am going to attempt another run tonight on the trail with Kelly! Hopefully, she will go easy on me!!


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