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Monday, August 20, 2007

My new dirty word

Exercise! I really don't remember what it is. Last time I worked out was one week and one day ago. I am so busy I can't see straight, so it get the back burner. And I wonder why I am fat!?! Hello Alicia, it is not rocket science. Calories in - calories out. Except now, none are going out! Not to mention I have a new found love for guacamole!!!!!!!!!

So at work today, I was waiting for the elevator, looking out the window. Our office is across from a funeral home. I saw a silver mini-van pull up in front of the funeral home. Two men got out, open the hatch, and pulled out a gurney. Yep, dead body, covered by a quilt and taken in the front door of the funeral home. Isn't that stuff supposed to happen at the back door. And a mini-van and a quilt - the windows were not even tinted!!! I stood there thinking to myself - hmm, don't see that every day. I just want anyone to know, when I die, if you take me to the funeral home in a mini-van covered in a quilt - I will haunt you for eternity!!!!


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