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Sunday, March 16, 2008

And now, the rest of the story:

Jason loves Paul Harvey!

To finish the story about the Praxis test...Yesterday I took the Praxis. I signed up to take it because I applied for a school counseling position in Ashland. The interviews were Monday. How did I go? I don't know. I was sick in bed - remember. The coolest part of it all, I called Tuesday to reschedule and they would not let me. The interviews were done in one day - no rescheduling and they made a decision. Suck. Really still perturbs me, but such is life. I don't need the job and I was not sure I wanted it anyway. I just knew it was one of those positions that came around once every 20-3o years. The people that get those position stay forever. Anyway, on to the actual test.

I left my ticket for admittance at work. We do not have ink in our printer! I had to call another girl I knew taking it and ask her to print it. So we got there and waited. Then, we had to change buildings in the rain. Finally got to our room about 20 minutes late. Then I get the wonderful news that we have to stay for the whole 2 hours the test is scheduled for!! What? I could leave the LPC test when I was done. No bathroom breaks? Hello! I am pregnant!! So needless to say, I sat there for 45 minutes staring at the walls! The best part was Jason and Dillon took me and I estimated it would take a little over a hour and I was right, but I could not leave, so they waited in the car for over a hour. We did not eat until almost 2 pm!!!! Needless to say I was VERY irritated!!!

The good news is I got over 100 size one diapers. Some lady on Craigslist was giving them away and I got them!! Score!! If you would by chance stumble on to this blog - THANK YOU!!!

Now Dillon and I are watching Sesame Street and waiting for it to warm up so we can go outside and play!!


At 4:30 PM, Blogger kelly said...

That sounds REALLY annoying! And cruel to a pregnant lady. :-)

I love Paul Harvey too. Good Day!

At 4:25 PM, Blogger bonnie said...

SUCK! The praxis is just a major annoyance anyway. I'm sorry you were taking it.


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