Why am I doing this?

Monday, February 15, 2010

And, I left out the saddest thing...we have to register Dillon for kindergarten tomorrow. Really? I am not old enough to have a kid starting school. Sigh, even bigger SIGH.

I just come and go around here.

Two months is a good period of time to be away. Not sure where time went. Dillon is now 4 1/2 and my baby is almost 21 months!!! Really, he is closing in on two??!!! Yikes!

Over New Year's I got talked into a new workout...Insanity. It is a killer. No really. I am not being dramatic. I would rather run 10 miles than suffer through this most days. I have learned though, I am stubborn and determined. I am also getting very strong (possibly the best motivation).

Not a lot else going on. I will attempt to keep up with this now, especially since my fan base has probably given up on me!!