Why am I doing this?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Birth Control for our Friends!

Dillon was laying on Curts chest the other night and yep, you guessed it, he threw up on him! Krista and Curt are getting enough baby time to last them for a while!

I got rid of the main stressor in my life -- nursing! I decided to stop on Sunday. Dillon was not doing good nursing. He wouldn't eat well, and threw a lot of it up (Yes, I was watching what I ate). I figured I tried for two months and I can't do it anymore. I was so stressed that I actually was not even producing much milk. Funny how your body always tells you what you need to do, but we hardly ever listen. So Dillon is a formula baby now and I am sure many think I am doing a bad thing. But, I am better mentally because I know he is eating and he seems happier too. I am really enjoying him now!! He has changed so much, I can't even believe it!!

I go back to work next week. Jason is going to be staying home with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am excited about this! We will get to raise him ourselves!!

I am going to try and start running this week. I use that term loosely because it will probably be more like a run/walk. Oh well, gotta start some where!! I think I am going to try for the STL 1/2 marathon in April 2006. I would like to do the full, but I am not sure my knees will allow that. We will see.

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I am scared to say it...

Igot to sleep last night. I fed Dillon about 9:15 pm, got him into bed at 10:15 pm and he did not wake up till 4:15 am. I did not sleep the entire time - I worried about him because he was sleeping so sound. I say I am scared to say it because every time I report something like this the next night is really bad. We will see...

I finally finished the paper for my summer class. I had to take an incomplete because I was put into the hospital. Now I get to wait for the grade.

Jason went back to work today after having his shoulder surgery. I hope he starts feeling better soon. It is hard for him to hold Dillon and I know he hates that. He has been so good to me and Dillon this entire time. I am glad he is my husband. (I have been a pickle to him lately and he somehow survives it!)

Ok, more pictures!! See how he likes to sleep? Arms up! BTW: Congrats to Jeff and Andrea in KC. They had a little girl on Wednesday. How cool...sharing a b-day with Brittney Spears' son!! ;-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back to school:

Yes, I had to go back to school. One more class till I am done with my Master's. It is a practicum though, so it will be rough.

Jason had to have his shoulder pinned last Wednesday. He is in an immobilizer. It sucks! He hates it and is in a lot of pain and he is not a lot of help with Dillon.

Dillon - ahhh, what a little fellow! He is the apple of my eye (even though he can be a pickle - he gets that from Jason). He is getting bigger. I take him for his two month check-up in a week and a half. I can not believe it! He will be starting college soon! ;-)

Once again, I will post more pictures soon!

I had a wonderful shower here in Columbia Saturday. I have a great bunch of friends! Thanks a lot! You all are the best!