Why am I doing this?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Why hasn't Jason killed me?

That is the question. Seriously, he obviously loves me A LOT, because I deserve to be killed. He is getting the raw end of my emotional roller coaster. I think he is just telling himself, ok - only a few more weeks. Thanks baby! I do love you!! Same goes for my friends too! I am sure they are about ready to have nothing to do with me as all I do is complain. Yes, the world revolves around me right now.

Friday night we had dinner with Curt, Krista, and TJ at Flat Branch. Always a good pick, especially now that the place is smoke-free. It was very hot in there Friday. Speaking of hot, our poor air conditioner...it cannot keep up in the afternoon. It runs all the time and it is still hot in our house. I had a meltdown Friday night because of that. I was tired, achy, and HOT! I cried a lot. Again, Jason just sat there with me and tried not to get his head bitten off.

Saturday was our child birthing class. It was good. We learned a few things. One thing I learned was not to practice relaxation breathing with Jason and make him your focal point. We were the only ones there laughing our butts off!!! Oh well! Gotta have fun too!

Saturday night we ate at home and swam at Curts.

Sunday morning Jason did a Duathalon. I walked and went down to see the finish. He came in first on the bike and had a great time, but lost it on the run. He placed third overall and first in his age division. I thought he did GREAT!! Good job J!!

After that, we ventured up to Faucett (by St. Joe) for a baby shower. Elisha and her mom hosted it for us. It was wonderful! They were so great for doing that for us. We got home last night and chilled in our hot house.

Back to work today. Just in case you are not living on this planet, it is so hot outside. I can't even stand to go out for a minute. I am swollen too!!

2 more classes!!! Tonight and Wednesday night!! Yeah!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Broken record

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record, but boy am I tired! I have never felt anything like it in my entire life. I know everyone will disagree with me, but I actually think I will get more sleep and be less tired after the baby comes. (I will let you know on that one.) I am also sniffly and have a stuffy head. Usually my allergies do not start in July - just lucky I guess.

Last night we went and bought some essentials that we need to take to the hospital. I still have not packed my bag, but plan to do so soon. The good news is we are really close to the hospital, so if we forget things, someone can run it to us.

The temperature today is supposed to be 95 and then hit 100 by Friday. I can't believe this heat!!

Class tonight - 3 more left.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I really hate to complain because I have had such an easy pregnancy, but my goodness I am uncomfortable. I think the fact that it has been so easy makes this last bit rough. I went to the Dr. yesterday and once again, no weight gain!! I had to have my strep B test done - fun, fun! I now go every week. She never says too much. Alicia = Dr. Morse's easiest patient

By the way - my bathroom is still not done. Will it ever be? No. I am going to have to go up stairs for the rest of my life. I have grown to accept this fact. I wanted to put in new kitchen cabinets, but will obviously have to let that dream go.

It is nice to work with a bunch of supportive people!

Tried to add another picutre. State Champ Sandbager. :-)

Monday, July 18, 2005

How much can one person do in a weekend?

I tested this statement over the weekend. Needless to say, last night I hit the wall. I am either a hoss or very stupid. I will probably side with the latter of the two.

Friday afternoon after work, Jason and I went and bought more paint and the baby furniture. That took FOR EVER!! We could not get the changing table because they were out of stock. They should have one in next week. Jason finished the painting, while I cooked dinner. After that, we started putting furniture together. The crib was easy and took literally 15 minutes, the dresser was the complete opposite! I bet Jason and I (mostly Jason) spent almost two hours on it.

Saturday we held a couples shower for Jonathan and Leslie. Of course, we waited until Saturday to clean up the backyard. Jason got up early and rode while I hit some garage sales. After that we cleaned up the backyard and got some lunch. That afternoon, I cleaned up the house a bit and put the baby's room together more. I took a quick nap and showered. Everyone showed up around six, we ate, socialized, and had a good time!! I think Jon and Leslie had a good time, and that was my main objective!

Sunday, Jason took off early for State Time Trial in Jefferson City. He placed first in the Mater's 30-35 field. I am very proud of him. People are making a lot of jokes, but it is an awesome victory! The best part is if he would have raced the Pro, 1, 2 field, he would have ended up 4th. That is a good finish no matter what! Good job Honey!!!

I slept a bit, hung curtains, re-rearranged the baby's room and cleaned. After lunch, I went to Jon and Leslie's to have some pool time. That was nice! Came home, went to the grocery store, showered, and went to Curt and Krista's for Bruce's going-away party. We lasted till 8:30 and came home and crashed. I mean that! I fell asleep upstairs in the spare bedroom!!! Jason tried to get my up, but I stayed up there till about 11. I felt icky - too much junk food!! I felt better after sleeping a bit and feel fine this morning - still a little tired.

Back to the Dr. this afternoon and school tonight. Only 4 more classes!!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Running out of paint!

We ran out of the paint we are using in the baby's room and we were so close to being done! I can't even explain to you how close we were to being done. I guess I will have to buy a quart to finish. Then, we will be done!! Furniture, here I come. Ahh, sweet relief. I also cleaned like a mad women last night. Maybe labor is on it's way...

Jason got a new position at work. He is night supervisor. I am very proud of him!! He deserves it. He is one of the hardest workers HMD has. The only draw back for me is his hours - noon to 8 pm. The good news is, childcare will be kept to a minimum.

I think tonight the bathroom is getting worked on! Could I possible have a toilet on the first floor by bedtime??? How exciting!! Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Skinning your knee and elbow!!

Yes, that is correct, I have skinned my knee and elbow. How you may ask? Grace, as I like to call myself lately, fell leaving class last night. Yes, yes, fell up the stairs. Of course they were concrete and outside, so I skinned myself. Yes, I am ok - no need to worry at all. I was just a little humiliated. No one saw me that I know of. I probably looked like a fish flopping out of water trying to get up though. Go ahead and laugh now that you know I am ok.

Do you ever feel like your skin is going to rip? I cannot possibly expand anymore. I am at maximum density. (I am worried Captain, she is taking on too much water!)

WHAT? Seriously!! :-)

Is it Friday yet? Laughing is good. I am going to try and laugh as much as possible today, so if you are grumpy - stay away!!!

Hopefully I got the picture of Jason to load on this entry. If I did, I will try and upload more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My husband and his addictions

He is addicted to many things. Cycling, computers, video games, and many more things. Last night I got out of class a little early only to come home and watch him on the computer for a hour. Fun times! I can't possibly understand what there is to do on a computer for that long, but whatever. The sad part is, I know he was on there long before I got home.

Yes, I started class. We have 5 more classes - no I am not counting!! I also happen to have 5 weeks until my due date. Stay tuned!!!

Jason did some more painting in the baby's room last night. (Yes, I guess he found time in between computer time.) It is really almost done now. We now have to touch it up and paint around the trim. Should be about one more hour of painting. I am hoping to buy the furniture this weekend!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

I hate Mondays!

Why do Mondays suck? Back to work...We really need Monday off to recover from the weekend. Other countries have shorter work weeks, why not the US? Are we too driven by material objects and working to be the best - YES!! Don't get me wrong, my job is important and I take it very serious, I feel it is the corporate folks that wreck our happiness - those that make over $100K a year and still feel that is not enough. Try living on what most of us live on!! OK, too much for Monday morning. I will move on.

Jason raced in STL this weekend. He did well. I know he is struggling right now with riding. I really don't think he is enjoying it like he used to. I am hoping he can get that back soon. Maybe when we get stuff done around the house, he will be good to go again. Next weekend we get to stay at home. State Time Trail is in Jefferson City. It is an out and back, so I will not go. I hope to be putting together baby furniture!!!

Our friends from St. Joe had a baby boy yesterday! Liz and Adrian had boy number 2. Congratulations to them!!

Have a good Monday!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

So many titles to decide on

I could dream up titles for my blogs all day. I am always thinking of new ones, but there is only one title line. Oh, well.

Hey, other people in my life with blogs...UPDATE them PLEASE!!!! I hate checking them everyday and then being let down when I see they are two weeks old. I will not even mention Micah--can you say two months??!! :-)

Last night I started class. I have Multicultural Counseling in July. It actually went well and I think I am going to enjoy the class. Mostly because Sarah sits behind me and kicks my in the rear!! (She has a reason-trust me!)

We did some more painting on the baby's room. We are getting closer and closer to having it done. Good thing. There are only 6 weeks left until my due date - not that it means anything. He has been moving around like crazy and last night when I went to bed, he had the hiccups. It was funny. Tonight, Jason and I are attending a class at the hospital. I will spare you all the details. Fun, fun!!

Hey, how about that, I kept the complaining to a minimum.
Thankful thought: People that help me when I need it.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Just haven't felt like updating

Sorry for the delay, I have been lazy. Jason had races over the weekend in Columbia. That was nice! I enjoyed not having to travel. Monday we were lazy. We did paint some more of the baby's room, but we napped too. We went to a BBQ at the Metzdorf's house. It was a really nice time. I enjoyed seeing everyone! It is always hard to go to work the day after the 4th. I was home in bed at a decent hour, but others were still being loud. Needless to say, yesterday was rough.

I went to the Dr yesterday. Good news - no weight gain!!! Thank heavens!! Everything is still good. Not too much to report.

Friday, July 01, 2005

This is it

You're not getting too much, because I am pooped. Thank heavens it is Friday and a long weekend!! I am thankful for three day weekends.

Last night we worked on the bathroom and began painting the baby's room. Well, for those of you that know anything about rheumatoid arthritis, that is bad. My hands are KILLING me today. Clinching my hands hurt. We are making a lot of progress though. Jason hopes to have the bathroom done by next weekend!! I can't tell you how happy that makes me!!!!

Have a good weekend and be safe! Happy Forth of July!!!!!!!!!!!