Why am I doing this?

Monday, October 31, 2005


Dillon had his first Halloween Party yesterday. He puked on his costume! He makes a good little bear. You may see this again in a Christmas card in the near future...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Plague

The plague has hit the Ozenberger house. Jason, Dillon, and I are all sick. Jason is the worst. (Thanks for taking one for the team.) Dillon got off the best - thank heavens. I would rather us be sick then him.

I think we are having a garage sale this weekend. Krista and Curt are bringing stuff over. If you would like to add to the junk, call me.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Let me clarify and make you throw up:

Yes, Karen Wisch is not the freaky lady with the blog I mentioned earlier. She found this lady's blog and passed it on to me. She is a freak, just not that kind of a freak! Karen, I miss you too!
Ok, more pictures of Dillon. He is so cute, I could puke.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why I read peoples blogs...

I read Curt's blog to find out what happened. Hello! Mark and Sarah got hitched! Congrats to them...it is about time. (Yeah, I bet they never hear that.) Hey Curtie, have you checked out the chiropractic school in KC?

I read Micah's to find out if Sarah and him are still alive. Get your butt to Columbia and see my kid.

I read Butthead's blog for a laugh. (Seriously, he cracks me up. Mostly because I can hear the words coming out of his mouth.)

I read Jason's blog because I am obligated to. Just kidding! He is pretty darn funny too.

Karen Wisch sent me a few blogs that I check every once in a while. (Not even close to regularly.) This women is an exercise fanatic. I mean she is a freak. Runs 10-30 miles a day and lifts weights. She also eats very little. FREAK!! BTW: She has a kid and works full time. I can't even work full time, go to school, and see my family.

I hope Jason will download some more pictures of Dillon soon. He is growing so much and becoming A LOT of fun!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Too much going on...

I am about ready to meet myself coming and going. I haven't gotten to see Dillon much this week between work and school. I know I should not wish away time, but I wish it was December. I would be done with school and never have to go again!! I know I am almost there, but boy am I tired and sick of not being at home. Aghhhh!

Jason and Dillon are having a lot of fun on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He is just in love with his daddy. Of course, Dillon hardly knows me this week.

Not too much else to report. We have a wedding this weekend. I get to see some of my family and friends.

Is it Friday yet???????

Friday, October 07, 2005

My husband is in a boy band and my son is a pig

Ok, Jason is not really in a boy band, but he wants to be. I will try and get a picture soon to show why. My son is a pig. Yes, he is eating like a pig. Last night he ate 6 ounces and was still hungry.

People drive down our street really fast - including school buses. This scares me b/c children live on our road. Seriously, it is a road that dead ends and it is about 200 yards long. Where's the fire? SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

I think we are going to take Dillon on a little hike tomorrow at Rock Bridge. He loves the outside.

On a side note...isn't this weather great? I love it!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Posting comments

I was going to talk about people that comment on my blog, but do not update their blog. I thought it would make for a good entry, but then Jason had to go and update his. Now Curt is the only one I can make fun of for that and that is no fun. Micah's is a lost cause. (Do know, we miss you!)

I really hate to complain about driving, but hey, it is my blog. I swear! Get your head out of your butt and learn how to drive. Even though it would be a pain in my butt too, I am wondering if we should be forced to re-take a driving test every year. Consequently, most all of the bad encounters I have on the road are with men and old people. I should probably throw in high school aged girls too.

My schedule is kicking my butt! I am so tired I can't stand it. Between work, school, Dillon, and the household stuff, I can barely keep my head above water. Sleep, I am not even sure what that is anymore.

Yours truly,
The Walking Zoombie

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TJ, we miss you...

Yes, we have not seen TJ for a while. We need our fix. Maybe he is staying away because we missed his birthday by a day, or maybe because it is football season. Anyway, we miss having you around Teej.

Last night we went out to eat. Can you guess where? Yep, El Maguey!

Jason was home will Dillon yesterday and they had a lot of fun. Dillon got to go on his 1st bike ride! He loved it.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Living with rheumatoid arthritis

Some of you may not know this, but I have rheumatoid arthritis. I found out right before I got pregnant with Dillon. Around the last week of September I broke out in a rash and the hives. I MEAN LET ME TELL YOU - I HAD THEM ALL OVER AND THEY WERE BAD. Jason ended up having to take me to the ER. They had to give me medicine through an IV and give me steroids. I saw my rheumatologist the next day. Guess what...it was the rheumatoid arthritis coming back out again (It goes into remission when a women is pregnant). So I am now on drugs for my RA. They should slow down my joints wasting away. It sucks to be under 30 and have a RA.

Lessons I have learned in life:
If it is not 1 thing, it is 10, 000 other things.
Not all people that use trailers hook up their break lights.

I ran again the other day. I almost made it a full two miles! Sad to think I used to be able to run long distances and now I cannot make it two miles! I know I will get back there, but it takes time.

Dillon is just growing and growing. It is amazing. Last night he almost made it through the night sleeping. He will be 10 weeks old Saturday. My, how time gets away!!