Why am I doing this?

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am bored. Not that I need any drama in my life - I kinda like boring in that sense. I guess I need a change of scenery or something. Maybe I need a vacation, or need to paint. Maybe I just need to change up my routine a bit. Hmmm....

Dillon has been a poop head the past couple of days. Today, I know it was because he did not get to go outside and play. I hate not getting outside too. I guess we should have played in the rain - at least the rain is warm.

Not too much else going on. Funny, I really try and enjoy life and it is interesting to see people's reaction when you are trying to do this. I try not to take things too seriously and I think it really makes some people mad. Very interesting to me...

If you don't watch Family Guy - You should! The first part of this clip is hilarious. Jason and I have been talking this way for days! Good times!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

6 Degrees of Seperation

Not to a famous person...get this...my supervisor for my counseling supervision (here in Columbia) is friends with a guy Jason used to be in band with (from St. Joseph - now living in KC). Maybe it doesn't sound as weird as it really is, but trust me, it is!!

Funniest thing I have heard in a long time. Jason went to the Dr. Friday because he had not felt good all week. Now remember, this is our family Dr. we have went to for 3 or 4 years. She asked Jason, as serious as can be, "Are you still smoking?" Isn't that funny?!?! I would have paid money to see the look on his face!

I guess I am really not that funny to others, but at least I crack myself up!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ok, so much happened that I don't know if I will hit everything (not that any of it is major news). Recapping the weekend:

Friday night, Jason and I went to dinner alone. Mom stayed with Dillon. It is ALWAYS nice to get to eat without Dillon. I love him, but I actually get to sit down and eat!

Saturday, I went to some garage sales with my Mom and then Jason and I rode our bikes. It was a bike ride from hell! We decided to ride off rode, which means I have to ride a single speed with road shoes! Good times. Anyway, riding a single speed is hard work!! Holy cow!! My derailleur was pooping out so we had to stop 5 times to fix it. Finally go it somewhat working, so we decided to leave Cosmo and just ride the Bear Creek Trail. Harmless right? Wrong - then Jason got a flat. After that, we decided to just head home. We had some Shakespear's Pizza and again, we went for a drink alone! BTW: Saturday was my birthday and my wonderful husband got my new sheets for our bed! I have been wanting good sheets for a while, but never bought them. 600 count rocks!!! I will neer go back!

Sunday, we took Dillon to the park. I ran and took a nap! Love naps! We went to the Kersha's for dinner and had killer food and desert! Thank you!

Back to work too soon!

Friday, June 22, 2007

A day off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the day off!! I love days off. I would like to get paid all the time to have days off. My mom, Dillon and I all got our hair done. I really like my hair - changed it AGAIN! It isn't a drastic change though. This afternoon we are going shopping. I was planning on painting my kitchen cabinets while my mom was here, but that might not happen. I hate to work the entire time she is here - dilemmas!!

Tomorrow is the big day - I turn 31!! Oh so old!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day and Everything Else:

Friday - started new BP medicine. No side effects!! Thank you God! Got a funny song from Lex about mullets. A mullet is always a good for a laugh.

Saturday - I ran for a bit. The first time in about a week. That afternoon it was so hot, we took Dillon to the mall to play. Later, we met Seth, Kelly and Lucy to eat dinner. The kiddos chased each other around outside when we were done.

Sunday - Jason rode early, so Dillon and I went for a run. It was so hot, I had to walk a bit. We came home and played in the water. We took Jason out for lunch at Fudruckers - YUMMY!! Then we went to Lowe's and yes of course, Wal-Mart. (That might be the shortest ban on record yet!) Needless to say, I got mad at Wal-Mart, but it was about other things I do not care to talk about on my blog. Ask me if you want to know.

Some time during all of this, Jason got sick and still is.

For those of you know know me, I always talk a lot about my upcoming birthday. I haven't talked of it much, because I decided I am the only one that makes a big deal out of it, so I should stop. But, just in case you missed it or want to know...it is Saturday!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

So, I am heading towards my tenth (or so) Wal-Mart ban. I hate that store! I always say I am never going back and then it happens...I get sucked back in by their low prices! It is just like the South Park Episode. My child instantly turns bad once we pass through the doors, which makes me kick into WT mom role! It is high society at it's best! The best part was, I was headed to Target, but Jason wanted Steel Reserve so I went to Wal-Mart. I then, of course, did not find everything I needed from Target at Wal-Mart. Naturally, like everything else, this is ultimately Jason's fault.

On another note, did you have a Slip 'N Slide when you were a kid? I did not and I REALLY wanted one. My parents would not buy us one for some reason? Maybe too expensive - I see they have come down in price. Anyway, I always thought about trying to make one out of trash bags, but didn't. I also thought I could make a pool out of tarps and rocks too!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is missing from the world?

So for the past two days while driving to work, I have seen a dad standing outside with his daughter in the driveway. I assume she is waiting for the bus (she has on a backpack). They are just standing out there talking. I think this is wonder!

Then it got me thinking...what if all parents would do this? This is not a lot to ask. I am not preaching - I send my son to daycare, but you bet your bottom, when he is with me I try and give him my full attention. I am very tired of this society saying kids are expendable. Our children should not be ignored or thrown away.

When I was a kid, I lived in a small town. My dad worked about 8 blocks from our house. He came home for lunch everyday. My mom and I would walk 2 blocks to meet him - sometimes she would let me go meet him by myself. I did not think much of it then (even though I got excited everyday to see my dad) but now I realize it is those small things that make the best memories!

Enough sap for you for one day? Seriously, tell someone your care for something nice today.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yeah for the turtle!

I saw a turtle make it across the road today! Yeah! It was close, but I saw him step on to the shoulder.

Ok, finally feeling better. I have new meds, but am not taking them till the weekend. I have way too much to do at work this week to risk being down.

Friday, June 08, 2007

So my Dr put me on blood pressure medicine because I could not longer ignore a reading f 160/110. The one thing I did not know is how badly I would react to it. Holy crap! Of course, she is out of the office till Monday, so I am no longer taking it. My own orders. I feel like crap and my blood pressure took a dive! Hmmm... Funny, my body seems to reject almost any medicine I put in it. I don't have a problem with that unless I need it to avoid something like, oh let me see, a stroke!

Ahhh, the joys of getting old.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Two Questions

1. Why am I last on the blog lists on Jason's blog?

2. Why am I never referred to as his "lovely wife" or "beautiful wife"?

I think we do not use the term "mustache ride" enough in this world! My friend Bonnie was talking on her blog about kid being sexualized at such an early age. Maybe if we still use ambiguous terms like this, it would help. Now days, kids are very blunt about what they do and with whom they do it. So much for the birds and the bees.

Now that is a random post! Good luck deciphering it!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Poor Little Poots

Dillon has been running a fever now for two days and been very clingy and grumpy!! I was going to stay home with him today and skip staff meeting, but around 7:30 am he acted normal, so I took him to the sitter. He did fine. He was a little grumpy there too. I think he might be cutting his molars. Fun! When my kid is teething - WATCH OUT!

It is terrible to watch your kid be sick. I thank heavens he is not chronically sick!

On another note, Jason is growing a mustache. I HATE it!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Something else you may not know about me:

I have a secret obsession with Ted Nugent.

Take a look at this.

Fire at will!