Why am I doing this?

Friday, September 28, 2007


Does anyone remember this little guy???

I am so happy it is Friday! I am ready for the weekend. Too bad it is still hot. Hello, it is fall!

Dillon only got up once last night! Now that is more like it. We'll see if he keeps that up or not.

I was trying to think up something fun and exciting for Friday, but guess what? I got nothing! I believe Curt and Krista are coming across tonight or tomorrow. (I am not privy to the details - Jason keeps all that on the down low.) Dillon is dying to see Parker.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hey everyone! If you have a blog and I read it - you most likely need to update it. You know who you are.

Not feeling too good today. Maybe because I got no sleep again last night. I really would love to know why Dillon is getting up a million times each night. OK, maybe a million is a stretch...

I am really bored right now. Not that I need drama in my life - I like my life boring. I think I need a routine change or something. Maybe it is winter coming? Who knows.

Jason has started playing a video game. Something weird and creepy that I refuse to publicize on my blog. (Cuz you know, I have a huge following.) When we were dating, I used to do homework while he played video games. I would finish and then watch. I would always end up falling asleep on the couch till he woke me up to go home. Now is that a courtship or what? I guess I will have to give Dillon dating pointers - not his dad!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Meaningful Mondays

I might start calling my Monday blogs this - we'll see. Dillon almost slept through the night last night. I woke up around 3 am and realized I had not heard him, so I started to worry. I decided to chance waking him up and I checked on him. I figured I might as well, because I was lying there not sleep, so what did it matter if I woke him? I did not wake him and of course he was fine. He got up around 4:30 am. He almost made it!!

After that, I laid in bed thinking about loving him. A while back there was a lady that wrote an article about how she loved her husband more than her kids. I got to thinking about this. I do not love Jason more than Dillon, but it is a totally different love. I love them both tremendously. Jason can still curl my toes with a simple smile! My love for Dillon makes my heart swell. I think about that little voice and I smile - you know the smile I am talking about - the one that comes from your heart. Husband love (for me) is heart and tummy. Kid love is 100% heart. This probably makes no sense, but it is one of the only ways I know to verbalize it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What weekend?

So, I got home from Portland Wednesday late. Worked at home Thursday. Worked half a day Friday. Hello, do I get time off for my trip?

Saturday, we did a whole lot of nothing. I went shopping while Dillon napped - didn't find too much. That night we went to a little get together to watch clips from the ToM. It was fun - good company. Dillon and Lucy played. It was fun to watch.

I went and rode with Kelly this morning after church. We have been going to Memorial Baptist. I like it so far and Dillon loves the kids area. Kelly and I rode around town and found all the hills. It was short, challenging and fun. Later, I took Dillon to the pool while Jason went to the grocery store. I am sad to say it is back to work already! I could use another day or two.

I think we are going to have a garage sale here in a few weeks. We'll see how that goes.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

For the past few days, I have been in Portland, Oregon for a conference. I have to say it is beautiful landscape, but a very weird town. When I say that, I really can’t explain it to you – it is just weird. Maybe it is because it is not home. I really am anxious to get home. I feel like I have been gone about 2 weeks. I miss my boys! I hate being away from them.

I did get to people watch a lot at the airports. (We had a lay over each way.) Seems to me, people appear to very unhappy for the most part. I really do not get it. I saw so many people and occasionally spoke to them (you know me) and they seem like they really hate life. Very sad indeed. Don’t get me wrong, I have bad days, but for the most part, I REALLY like my life.

We are flying to New Mexico and then to STL. Looking out the window is awesome. It is so pretty. I understand why Jason likes this part of the country so much.

I don’t think I will do into major details about my trip. For the most part, it was really boring. Nothing big happened. Traveling always makes me appreciate home even more. Hopefully, I am done traveling for a bit and I can get back into more family time and workout time. (I need workout time after this trip! The food was great!)

(PS – I wrote this on the plane b/c one can only play so much solitaire before they go insane!)

Friday, September 14, 2007

No Sleep at the Ozenberger House

Yep! Dillon is still getting up in the middle of the night. Last night, I think the count was 5 times. Is it wrong to give sleeping pills to a 2 year old?!? Of course, I am kidding. This is rocking my world though. I am so used to him sleeping and naturally, now that he is not, I have been working so much and am tired myself. Ok, enough complaining.

Jason and I are both off today...a much needed day off!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I rode again!

I know - shocker! I rode Sunday. I rode with Kelly - short and sweet. It was hilly though. My arms are a little sore from, I assume, climbing out of the saddle. (I know, I am so hardcore! More like Sissy!)

Seems like work is never ending. I don't get to workout regularly because of it and I keep saying, "if I can just get through this week..." Unfortunately, the week after sucks as bad. I am REALLY hoping my the end of September all my crap stuff for work will be finished and I can again get in to a normal workout routine. Yeah right! Who am I kidding!!

My son - he is a punk and a dream rolled into one. I think maybe he is teething. Friday night, he got up 10-15 times in the night!! Yes folks - welcome to you have a newborn again! I have a great Wal-Mart story from Sunday. It is too long to post, so if you want to know you'll have to call me or ask me next time I see you. It is good!!

Oh yeah, have you heard about this? Somebody should freakin' KILL her!!! Can I be first in line?

Friday, September 07, 2007

How come shorten weeks seem to last longer? This was a 4 day work week, but it seemed more like a 7 day work week. Dillon got up in the middle of the night again last night. I hate to complain because he just comes into our room, gives me a hug, and then I carry him back to his room and put him to bed. It just stinks because it always happens when I am sleeping well.

Jason is not feeling well again. I think it started out as allergy stuff, but it has sort of moved to his chest. This time of year just sucks for stuff like that.

Next week is the Tour of Missouri. I am excited to get to see it! If you get the chance, you should go see a stage.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Short Weekend

Not really, but it felt that way! On Friday afternoon we ventured to STL. We decided to go and watch a few of the Gateway Cup bike races. We stayed with Curt and Krista, along with Micah, Sarah, Andy, Wes and Ann. The full house made for a fun weekend! It was nice to get to hang out with everyone. Krista and I got to take Sarah for her first pedicure. Always a good time!

Sunday, we came home to relax. Yesterday was vagina monologues - part two! Kelly and I rode bikes again yesterday morning. It was fun. The only sucky part was my allergies. I came home and my eyes were bright red. That made for a good Sam's Club trip. People looked at me very funny!!

Ok, this is boring. Another thing you may not know about me...I like the Pussy Cat Dolls music.