Why am I doing this?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Post Birthday

We survived the second birthday. We had a little impromptu birthday party complete with pizza and a frosted cookie. Yummy - what more could one want? (Curt - you would have loved it.)

This morning Dillon got up and wanted to pee in the potty. So I let him and he did. Can I dream for a minute and hope that over night something happened - now he is 2 and potty trained? Hey, I can dream!

August 1st is our wedding anniversary. We will be married 9 years. Again - it is hard to believe. I remember being a kid and listening to adults say how fast time goes - I thought they were so weird. Now I understand. The older I get - the faster time goes.

OK, that is deep enough for today. Have a good one!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Dillon is 2!!!

Today, Dillon turns two years old!

Over the weekend, he got goodies from all grandmas! He got to ride on a pony and even watched a tractor pull (he was interested in that for about 10 minutes-not too bad for a two year old).

We are celebrating tonight if you want to join us!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I got some sleep last night. I propped myself up in bed to sleep. It was still a little rough sleeping that way, but better than nothing. I also took some Allegra today and feel better.

It is funny how you can tell when other parents hate you. We went out to eat last night and Dillon was being a major pain. So Jason and I, being the good parents that we are (yes, that is sarcasm) let Dillon run around by the video games. Well, like his father, this excites him, so he was being loud. A mother whose child was sitting ever so nicely, kept eyeing me like - if my kids starts acting up it is sooo your kids fault. I could see her well-behaved little one eyeing Dillon and getting antsy. Sorry lady! I was way to tired to deal with it. I suck - what can I say?!

I am going to start a movement to severely injure people that drive slow in the left lane, or do not let you on to the highway when there is no one in the other lane. For heavens sake people, have some courtesy please!!

In other news, I am going to attempt another run tonight on the trail with Kelly! Hopefully, she will go easy on me!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Night number 3 of no sleep!

Ok, I can hardly function today. I was up last night again coughing. This sucks hardcore. I can't get my chest crap to loosen up.

So, I ran yesterday. Ok, if you can call it that. I had one of those runs where your legs feel like they each weigh a ton. Couldn't breath...I could keep going, but if you run, I think you have had a day like this. Jason rode his mountain bike and had a crappy ride - maybe it was something in the air. Or maybe it is the fact that I have kept him up for three nights straight too.

I hate Fast Lane gas stations. There is one by our house and they never have paper loaded to print a receipt. I collect my receipts. I HATE THAT!! They also have a big sign out front advertising 49 cent fountain drinks. So I stopped one day to get one. I got up to pay and she said, that will be 1.06. I asked, of course and she informed me that in small print at the bottom of the sign it says...with purchase of 8 gallons of gas. Butt holes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter

I know what happens in the Harry Potter book. I heard it on the radio. So, you can pay me to tell you or not to tell - your choice. I accept checks, cash, or money orders. I know everyone that dies and the ending.

Anyway, I am on day number 2 of no sleep because I am up all night coughing. I love it. A lady I work with thinks maybe we might have some mold or wetness in the basement. I think she may be right...we have had an awful lot of rain this summer and our basement has some cracks. When we get down pours, we get some water. I wonder if the water has not dried up in the corners? Jason, Dillon and I have all experienced this coughing. Too weird.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yes, I did it and yes, I suck! (He comes the excuse in the form of advice.) Never do a run on an empty stomach. Holy cow. I thought I was going to yammie. Kelly and I started and keep a great pace. I popped about 2 miles in and slugged in with my tail between my legs. Kelly, however, went ahead to finish with the time she was shooting for - CONGRATS to her! I posted a respectable time for my fat bottom. I earned what Kelly calls beer credits.

Krista and I took Dillon back to the Pirate pool. Krista took out some little kids on the slide - with Dillon in tow. Dillon got in trouble for going down the slide head first. It was priceless to see a teenage lifeguard trying to tell a two year old he couldn't do that!!! Silly girl!

We had some people over for an impromptu BBQ. It was fun!

Today was the grocery store and a nice easy walk. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy a good walk. Allergies are killing Jason and me. Back to work tomorrow. My little guy turns two in one week. I will be in mourning all week!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Drinking Part Deux

Wow! I talk about drinking in one blog and get the best response ever! Note to self. I am still not going in to detail my hectic Thursday that drove me to drink - it is WAY too long of a story.

I am drinking again tonight. We went out for Curt's birthday (no sitter for us). We had to chase Dillon around the place all night. Everyone took their turn - even TJ. (Honestly, I think he was just hoping to pick up chicks with my son! No harm!) So now we are home on the couch (Dillon's in bed) while the younguns are out on the town. I am a little jealous not to be there and a little relieved to be at home. Does that make any sense?

So anyway, my job and Brady has inspired me again to get on the grass-roots kick of social change. I have always been a person that if I did not like something, I changed it. Simple, right? Everyone thinks change is too hard - no way! I say bring it on. I am standing up so at least my conscience is clear - I did my part.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I cannot even begin to tell you about this day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am drinking...

Feel better - sound worse

I felt terrible yesterday - I mean bad. I plugged through work, errands, dinner, etc. Took some medicine before bed. I slept well and woke up feeling a lot better. I sound worse though. The gunk has moved into my nose and throat, so I hope it is on the way out!

I have to drive to STL today to pick up a speaker my work is hosting. He is flying in from Dallas. I am really excited about the possibility of driving in severe storms!!

OK, this is really pointless and boring, so I am done!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Running before work

I know, I know, this doesn't sound like a big deal, but when you have to be in Jefferson City for work at 7 am it is a big deal. So, I rolled out of bed a little before 5 am and out the door I went. I only ran for 30 minutes, b/c I had to get back to shower and get Dillon up. It was a good run though. It was so still outside it was creepy. Funny story...on my regular route I saw something funny. I saw a man out in his front yard that looked like he was in his tighty-whitey's. Well, then I saw him blot inside - guess he was in his underwear. Funny what you will see at 5:15 in the morning.

So, now I am tired. Jason went on the Tuesday night ride. Dillon was such a little turd the entire time he was gone. He swallowed a round ring that went on the back of a picture frame. He choked and got is down. I guess we will now be watching poop for a gold ring!! Good times.

Did I mention I was tired? Oh, I have a sore throat too!! The excuses are starting already for my impending poor performance Saturday!! See, you have to start early in the week with the excuses - I learned that from bike racers.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sick again?

So Dillon is sick again! Coughing his head off - runny, green snot...good times. We broke down and went and filled the prescription for the anti-biotic. Hopefully that will do the trick.

I think I am going to do a 5K Saturday morning. Sounds like fun!

Curt and Krista are coming to town this weekend. I think Krista and I are going to take Dillon back to Pirate's Cove. (Whatever it is called - I call it something new every time.)

I think that is about it. Jason will soon have some Stewie Jerky. Oh, by the way, I wrote two grants this year and found out in the past two weeks that we got both of them!! Very exciting! Not too bad for someone that can't write!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vagina Monologues

So this morning Kelly and I participated in what I am now calling the Vagina Monologues. Two 3o year old Mom's out for a bike ride, chatting. One, it was great to be on the bike. Two, we went nice and easy. Three, we talked about a lot of different things - yes, even cycling and the Tour. (Hey, we were on a bike ride in the middle of July - we HAD to.)

Yesterday, Dillon and I went to the Farmer's Market with Chuck and bought some fresh produce. Jason got some yummy blueberries!! Then I took him for a run while Jason rode. We ate lunch and then we (well basically me) decided we should all go to Pirates Landing - a kids water park here in Columbia. Dillon had a blast. Jason and I even had fun. Except now Jason looks like a lobster. Here is a tip - put sunblock on your entire body - not just the tattoos!!

Anyway - we have had a fun weekend. Here is a new picture of the boy!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Yes it is that time again, the best day of the week.

My son has decided that in the front yard, clothing is optional. He runs around naked, or "nakey" as he likes to say. I am hoping there are no perverts in our neighborhood!! Last night he was playing in our pool (WT blow-up kind). He would run and jump so high into this shallow pool and land right his bottom. He thought it was the funniest thing ever!! I didn't discourage him (even though it looked painful) from doing b/c he was laughing and clapping!! Yes, it is on video now. The other day I realized we have stopped taking videos of him. I guess his newness has worn off. Boy, I feel sorry for our other kid - if we have one. (I always have to add that so Jason doesn't freak out!)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ten things you may or may not know about me:

My friend Bonnie challenged me to do this and it was WAY harder than I thought. After I post some of these - I will truly see who my real friends are. Here goes nothing.

1. I love birthday parties. Birthdays were a big deal in my family when we were growing up.

2. I usually (not always) vote and side with Republicans. (Hence the above comment in the intro.)

3. Cleaning makes me happy.

4. I love eating dry pasta of any kind. I know, I know - GROSS!

5. I was an excellent softball player in high school. I was the catcher.

6. I have so many unrealistic expectations about different things. Need therapy?

7. I love hugs, but often times I am never sure when it is OK to give them, unless they are a really good friend. Could be fun in public!

8. The older I get - the more I am afraid of heights. I cannot do Ferris Wheels or outside, glass elevators.

9. I kind of missing Jason racing his bike.

10. I would love to own and operate a gymnastics gym/program. I would have adult tumbling classes. I was heavily into gymnastics when I was a kid and would love to re-learn to tumble.

There you have it - the good, the bad and the ugly. Not too deep, but all true!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So Monday I did not feel well - it seemed to be a family theme. I wrote a suicide prevention grant for Stephens Counseling and got it! It is a small grant, but one that I actually wrote myself. I am pretty proud of that. The unfortunate part is I created more work for myself outside of my full-time job. Good job Alicia!

Anyhoo, work is pretty boring right now. Getting ready to write a work plan for the next fiscal year. Good times.

Dillon is starting to form short sentences. It is very cool to listen to. He will be 2 years old at the end of this month. Hard to believe! I know I say that all the time, but it is so true. I would like to have another one, but am not quite ready. Jason on the other hand will never be ready. I think he thinks one is enough - but he might as well be an only child. I am one of three. I have no clue what that is like. I hear the transition from one to two is easy - it is the transition from two to three that is hard. I think two would be enough for me.

Guess what! I get to ride my bike this weekend! Stay tuned for more on that.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Once upon a time:

I know some of you are going to find this hard to believe, but there was a time about 3 or 4 years ago that I was in great shape (in one year, I knocked a half hour off my half marathon time). I ran A Lot and honestly was in the best shape of my life. This is was a great accomplishment speaking that about 3 years before that I was fat and out of shape. Anyway, there is a point to this. A series of events led up to the undoing of my fitness. I was diagnosed with what they thought was rheumatoid arthritis. I got pregnant and obviously, had a baby. Got a second opinion on the RA diagnosis, was told I had the RA indicator, but did not currently have RA. Great news! Somewhere in all that, I lost so much fitness and just cannot get it back. Maybe it is not a total priority in my life right now - I mean I do have a family and a full time job. I hate thinking about it though. I am not complaining about my life, but I want to be that person again and have that fitness. I try to think that this series of events happened for a reason and I am so delighted to have Dillon (even when he screams cause he doesn't get his way).

Any thoughts?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom.

Good ol' Marvin the Martian!! So we kept Dillon up to watch the fireworks last night. I was so excited for him to see them because I LOVE fireworks. Well, Dillon could care less. He was not scared - just flat out did not care! I swear he is not my child.

The saving grace of the entire night was the hillbilly that pulled up before the start of the show. We were sitting on a retaining wall at the end of a drive. Here comes a WT trash truck with these stickers all over. These were also all over his truck. He pulled in and proceeded to turn around. He just sat there for a minute - we were all waiting for him to back up and go on his merry way. Just then, he flung open his door and said, "I ain't got no reverse". Put his foot on the ground and rolled his truck backwards - manually, parked and got out. Wow! Can you say mohawk mullet? This guy was something special. He had tattoos all over. Not cool tattoos - basement tattoos. You know them. Anyway, it made the night worth it!!