Why am I doing this?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hopefully, you can guess what I am. Kind lame, but easy on the fly! Have a great day!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ideas anyone?

I need ideas for a Halloween costume. It will need to be simple since it is a few days away!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sleepless nights

I know, you may be sick of hearing about this - too bad. So, in my dream world I would get a bed free of animals and a son that does not get out of bed 4 times a night. (That does not include the time he gets out when we are still up. That usually numbers in the teens.) I have what I like to call cat bookends when I sleep. Bailey love to sleep on my pillow. The funny thing is, she waits till I fall asleep, then she crawls up there. I literally had a small corner of my pillow to myself this morning. So that is one bookend. Then, Oscar lays at my feet, usually between my feet. Kitty bookends.

So our house is for sale. If you know someone interested, contact me. The people in Ashland accepted out contract, so all we have to do now is sell our house. Not real easy right now...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I am in love with this machine! Don't worry, I did not buy one. I have been it using it at the gym. The crappy part is the ARC only has 2 of them. Seriously, I know I am not in great shape right now but 20 minutes kills me! I am dripping sweat when I am done.

Nothing too new. We are looking at some houses in Ashland. Don't get excited. We are just looking. We are playing all of this by ear - there is nothing we need to do as far as moving goes. It would just make life a little easier since Jason is in Ashland and I am in Jeff. Doesn't make much sense to keep living where we are.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Jason got a tooth pulled on Friday morning and has not been the same since. He is going back today to get it packed again. He had not been sleeping and has not been able to eat too much. The pain meds are not touching the pain.

So since it rained Saturday, I decided to start painting my kitchen cabinets - FINALLY. I have been talking about it for what, a year now? Maybe longer. I got the tops done except for the doors. I hope to finish the doors this week and move on the the bottom ones next weekend.

All in all, I got a whole bunch done this weekend despite the fact that Jason was out of commission. I made really good potato soup last night! It was a new recipe and it rocked!

On another note, I went to McDonald's Friday to get Jason a milkshake. A older guy named Rich waited on me. He was a little slow. He started to talk to me about the internet and I was listened when a manager interrupted and told him to take another order. They were not that busy. I think there was one person waiting in line. Rich stopped talking mid sentence and started taking the next order. I was at a loss for what to do. I thanked him for trying to talk to me, got my stuff and left. I tried to look at this many different ways. Maybe the manager has had to tell him this a thousand times. What if I was in line behind this - would I be annoyed that they were talking? I can see Rich doing this a lot, but the manager could have handled it differently. It just is another example of how poorly we treat each other.

Treat someone nice today.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am giving up on people. I am done. For the most part people suck. I know, get over it. You know what - it is really getting hard to always get over it. A good nights sleep is not curing it any more. Why can't we all just treat each other with honesty and respect? What can't we have intelligent adult conversations without getting mad at each other? Frickin' grow up!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This and that:

This weekend my mom came to visit. This is always nice because Jason and I get to do things together - ALONE! Not that we do not love our son, but it is nice to be alone from time to time. We rode bikes on Saturday morning. Jason tried to kill me, which is not a uncommon thing. He likes to punish me for riding with him. I guess he thinks we need a "pecking order" when we ride together. Oh well, I should be used to it by now. Saturday night we had dinner together at Bangkok Garden. It was OK. I thought it was better the last time we were there.

So I had to work yesterday, while the rest of the world was off protesting Columbus Day. (I wonder how they got the day off to protest?!?) We took a drive over lunch to Connie's new house outside of Wardsville. These pictures are of a fence line, along the rode, on the way to her house - frickin' weird!! I think maybe she lives near the devil's rejects - but the view is killer!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Sometimes there are things I just don't understand - or should I say people?


I think the guy may be related to Sling Blade!!

Monday, October 01, 2007


So Dillon had a complete meltdown last night. He wanted to take a shower. I know, it sounds simple enough. He has really dry skin, so we only give him a bath/shower every other night, unless he is really dirty. He skin was extra dry yesterday, so we said no. He threw the biggest fit I have heard him throw in a long time. His Daddy got him out of it. For those of you that have children...do you ever notice they are good for one parent or the other? Dillon is so good for me when Jason is gone and vice-versa. When Jason and I are with him together, he is such a little turkey. Hmmmm....

Curt and Krista came in to town on Saturday. It is always good to see them.

Is the weekend over already?